The_Alphabet_in_Pimp_My_Gun_by_Klobb1798% of all children are born highly skilled. After school they are only 2%. This statement was for the Austrian book author and videographer Erwin Wagenhofer, reason enough to start his film project “Alphabet”. He devoted 2 years in producing this movie. He did not want to compare educational systems with each other, but wanted to show that it is time to think differently and that change is accurate at this point of where we humans are standing. He and his partner talk about a new way of attitude in education. He made a beautiful description of this in the following words. ( I will leave them in German ) Erziehung – Beziehung, Profit – Wert, Angst – Liebe

For his examination of the educational system, in the time of globalization he talked with many prominent experts as the Neurobiologist Gerald Hüther and Educational researcher Sir Ken Robinson.  They emphasize ” We have an extraordinary power in us, and I mean the power of vision. Each implementation of human culture is the consequence of this unique ability. But I believe that we destroy this gift in our children systematically. Then we accept certain ideas of education and society blind, without questioning: what does education mean and what is the social and economy demand and benefit from our children.” As a dramatic example, from one of his world visits to different schools, he takes china. A model-Pisa candidate. Always on the top rankings of the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) Sad side-effect: China has the highest suicide rate under school children. What China does in extreme makes  more and more children in the EU school to hell. The pressure to perform is growing consistent. Children are becoming merely a chain in the economic utilization. A strong mind and asking questions about norm are not very welcome.  Instead adaptability, unquestioning of a given task and competitiveness are what the system needs.”

The number of ADHS is ascending skyrocket high. The children and the parents cannot cope with the demand of the school system anymore. When a society  builds there system on fear, this makes a free development difficult when not even impossible. Well what can we do? What is the other side. How can we make a creative society. And this starts with our children, but also in our everyday life.. We must live different and start to love again.

If I look around, I feel that this system is crumbling and a awakening is taking slowly place.

We need more love in this world!


In good health with love.